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    [AD]Ma3x MU Online Season 7,Experience 10&15x NO RESET!


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    [AD]Ma3x MU Online Season 7,Experience 10&15x NO RESET! Empty [AD]Ma3x MU Online Season 7,Experience 10&15x NO RESET!

    Mensagem  jacklin em Dom Maio 18, 2014 2:43 pm

    The Ma3x MU Online is Season 7 Server (NO RESETS, RESETS OFF WITHOUT RESETS, NON-RESET)

    General Info

    -Max Level 400 + 302Master Level
    -Server 1 Free(PVP): Exp 10x Drops 25%
    -Server 2 Vip(NOPVP) Exp 15x Drop 25%
    -Greate Guild: 100 level
    -Vote Reward System
    -Elf Soldier: 150 level
    -Support Item: to +15 with 16add
    -Spots: Default with Customs with 3-4 monsters
    -Jewel Success Rate:
    Bless: 100%
    Soul No Luck: 50%
    Soul With Luck: 75%
    Life: 50%
    -Chaos Machine Rate same like GMO 3 different rates for normal,ancient&excellence and socket items.
    -Create Character Level:
    Magic Gladiator 220
    Dark Lord 250
    Summoner only with card
    Rage Fighter only with card


    - Arka War (Saturday)
    - Castle Siege (Sunday)
    - Crywolf Event (Friday)
    - Chaos Castle Extra Exp 5x
    - Blood Castle Extra Exp 5x
    - Devil Square Extra Exp 5x
    - Double Goer (Doppelganger)
    - Golden Invasions Every 4 Hour
    - Guild War and Battle Soccer
    - Happy Hour
    - Imperial Guardian Event
    - Illusion Temple Extra Exp 5x
    - Kalima
    - LaColen Event
    - Last Man Stating
    - Maya, Nightmare
    - Swamp Event
    - White Wizard

    - Site:
    - Forum:

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